Your Cognac: Rémy Martin Louis XIII Rarest Reserve

Louis XIII Rarest Reserve box

A reader has a carafe of Rémy Martin Louis XIII Cognac.

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Name of bottle: Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII

Written on labels:Grande Champagne Louis XIII Brand Rarest Reserve 4/5 Quart 80 Proof Made in France By Baccarat “52g” is engraved on the bottom of the bottle as well as the crystal stopper/ cork???

Story: The bottle was in the basement of my great grandmother. When she passed away years ago we cleaned out the house before it was torn down to make room for a convienent store. I was recently doing some cleaning of my own and came across it again. So I decided to see what it was and if it has any value.

The owner is open to discuss selling this bottle.
Louis XIII Rarest Reserve

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  1. Mike says:

    I’m interest your bottle
    Email me

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