Your Cognac: Otard XO from 1980


Name of bottle: OTARD X.O.

Written on labels: Otard x.o. Aged bottled by Cognac otard s.a. Chateau de cognac. Produce of France. 40 vol

Readers story: Got it from my father about 9-10 years ago. And he got it from my grand father who I think my grandfather bought it during 1980 winter olympics in Moscow Russia. I haved stored it since I got it in my home in Stockholm and before that it was stored in Finland.
There is no year at all on the bottle only what I wrote above. It stored in it original wooden box. I can get you more high res pictuers later if you want. I am most interested in value but I can sell it if the value is good.

Value: we from Daily Cognac value this Cognac on €100,- thanks for submitting the photo’s!


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3 Responses to Your Cognac: Otard XO from 1980

  1. Mike says:

    This bottle cost a about $150 us maybe more

  2. Mike says:

    About 150 us

  3. Sean Shields says:

    I would be interested in purchasing this bottle if it is available.
    Sean Shields

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