Your Brandy: Mentges Alter Weinbrand V.V.S.O.P

Mentges Alter Weinbrand  Label A reader has a bottle of Mentges Alter Weinbrand V.V.S.O.P, and would like to sell.

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Name of bottle: Mentges Alter Weinbrand V.V.S.O.P

Written on labels:Eduard Mentges Gmbh, D-5581, Neef/Mosel 38%


Mentges Alter Weinbrand V.V.S.O.P

Story: I received the bottle in Germany as a gift. The bottle has been stored in the dark in my basement.

Name of bottle: Mentges Alter Weinbrand V.V.S.O.P

Value: about €20 – 30,-

What does the abbreviation VVSOP stand for?

VVSOP stands for “very very superior old pale” and is awarded to a cognac or brandy, which was stored for six years or more in oak barrels. The precious flavor components of this noble wood will become the flavor of this noble beverage, the bouquet of this wine receives the fire so typical and coveted Altnote.

The acronym is called a further increase of the latter award VSOP Brandy get that are five years old. There is still a further increase to VVSOP she is VVESOP meaning “Very Very Extra Special Old Pale.”

There are many such abbreviations – they are usually a sign of the storage period, and thus the quality. Indicates that the age of a brandy in such cryptic text is related to the fact that the imprint of the age indication is prohibited on the bottles since 1974.

Some more examples:
VXO = extremly very old (very very old)
VOCB = Very Old Cognac Brandy (very old cognac brandy)

By the way: In the Middle Ages it was called the brandy »aqua ardens” (burning water) or “aqua vitae” (water of life). It is thought that brandy in Europe is the oldest alcoholic distillate. Brandy was first documented in the 14th Century. It was originally used for medicinal products and was only available in pharmacies.

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