What To Serve Your Drinks In

Although the blog is dedicated mostly to cognac doesn’t mean we always have to focus on cognac. As you already know we are cognac drinkers but we often enjoy wine, martini, whisky and sometimes beer. We thought for a change we would cover other drinks as well.

A lot of times when I am invited to parties or social gathering I find myself in an awkward spot. I see the host serving a drink in a rather inappropriate glass which for me is a major pet peeve. If a red wine isn’t served in a glass it belongs to, I find it quite uncomfortable. Please note that this might be just me, I just happen to be a little too picky when it comes to my drink and what they are contained in.

Now that I have made the reason clear for the post, lets go ahead and talk about what kind of drinks should be served in what kind of glassware. I drink moderately and have included glassware for some of the drinks that I regularly tend to drink.


Cognac is best served in a tulip shaped glass or a snifter. A snifter is a glass that has a wide bottom and a narrow top which is mostly used to serve brandy. Snifter is ideal for serving cognac because the narrow top will help trap the aroma of cognac inside the glass so you can enjoy each sip.

Pinot Noir

If you are serving Pinot Noir choose a long stem generously sized glass that will let the wine breath and the bouquet bloom. The design of the glass should be such that it helps the wine linger on the front of your palate which is achieved by a narrow top.

If you would like to take a more “trendy” take on serving on Pinot Noir you can also choose a stemless glass. These glasses also have similar characteristics to allow you to get the most out of your pinot noir,


Personally, I am not a big beer fan but that is definitely one thing we cannot miss when we are talking about serving drinks. I mean beer is one of the most popular drinks that is available anywhere no matter what. First thing first, never drink beer in a frosted glass. The reason is because as soon as beer is poured into a frosted glass, condensation dilutes the beer and the temperature plunges and the flavor is lost. There are many different glasswares that you can serve beer in. Although I don’t like beer as much, if I have to I will drink ales.

Ales are best served in pint glasses because the head is easy to see and well, they look good. There are many kind of pint glasses, straight sides, handled mugs and others.

Beer Mug – if you want to drink beer like a man as they say it, this beer mug might be an ideal choice.

Red Wine

If you are going to drink red wine you should definitely choose a proper glass to drink or serve it in. Red wine should be served in a glass that has a large bowl and plenty of breathing room for the wine. The rim should be flared so the front of the palate gets all the fun, while the fruit flavors and acidity is balanced.


Bourbon is recognized as the “distinctive product of the United States” and a drink that is distinct should be drank in a distinct glass. If you truly want to enjoy Bourbon choose a slightly tulip shaped glass with a slightly belled bowl. This will allow you to enjoy the aroma and the balloon makes it easier to warm the bourbon. Although most people say snifters are good for bourbon as well, we disagree.


Martini is one of the most popular drinks as you already know it. We all know the kind of glass a martini should be served in but we still had to include it in this post. The tip of a martini glass should form a 90 degree angle in the cross section. The long stem allows you to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the martini.

Keep in mind that although martini, cognac, bourbon glasses all have stems there is a different approach to holding them. If you are drinking a martini you should hold the glass at the stem so as to not warm the drink with your body heat. If you are drinking cognac hold it in a way so your palm allows the drink to warm up (keep the stem in between your fingers so the vessel sits on your palm).

Although there are many more that we would like to discuss, these are the drinks that we drink the most and ended up discussing here for that reason.

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