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How Good is Cognac?

He who aspires to be a hero,” Samuel Johnson opined, “must drink brandy.” Boswell does not record which brandy Dr. Johnson drank, but by the 18th century, “coniac” was already esteemed as the world’s best. In an age when most … Continue reading

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Otard Brandy on New York 1908 Banner

We found a beautiful picture from 1908 of New York, Herald Square on Shorpy, including a beautiful banner of Otard Brandy. Back than the Otard/Dupuy firm where the biggest brandy/Cognac brands in the USA. What do you think about this photo of New … Continue reading

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Ararat 6 years Brandy

Tastes quite good, the Armenian Brandy Ararat 6 years…

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Difference between Cognac, Armagnac and Brandy

Cognac & armagnac are different regions of France. Briefly, the Armagnac region started distilling brandy earlier than Cognac but failed to achieve the fame and success of Cognac. All cognac and armagnac are brandies but not all brandies are cognac … Continue reading

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