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  1. steven tan says:

    Hi there,
    If you have the Hennessy Paradis rare cognac
    please contact me

    Thank You


  2. mme martin jeannik says:

    nous avons pu apprécier chez un client du cognac grande champagne brute
    1er grand cru – de chez vous – 70 cl
    nous aimerions connaitre vos produits et conditions pour nos cadeaux clients
    bonne réception
    Jeannik martin jcsservices – 11 bd albert 1er – 98000 monaco

  3. Francis Gray says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I recently flew through Dubai on my way home from holidays and purchased Hennessy Prive. On returning to Ireland and checked my credit card, I realised that I paid €300 for it. It was intended as a gift but I presumed it was a normal bottle and did not do currency conversion. It is still intact, unopened and comes in box. 70c and 40%. I was wondering if you might purchase it or know of someone who might.
    Many thanks,

  4. dado says:

    hello, i have one question, how much this cognac is price

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