In 1999, Saint-Louis was awarded the ultimate distinction of the French “Haute Cristallerie” standard, guaranteeing irreproachable quality and the use of the age-old traditional techniques of mouth blowing and shaping by hand.

Each Fortis et Fidelis carafe is crafted entirely by hand and requires all the skill of the Saint-Louis master crystalmakers. To make just one carafe, it takes 3 weeks of work and the contribution of 15 crystal craftsmen.

For the most venerable of the BARON OTARD Cognacs, no more precious receptacle could possibly have been found.


“The Art of Glass” has long been considered a “noble” art.

In the 15th Century, the status of the aristocracy barred them from working, but an exception was made for the manufacture of glassware. To attract the finest glassmakers, Jean de Calabre, the Regent of Lorraine, did not hesitate to grant them greater privileges than those of the traditional nobility.

Today Lorraine is still the home of the Saint-Louis factory and is the cradle of great French crystal, benefiting as it does from all the necessary raw materials for the production of glass and ultimately crystal.

In the reign of Louis XV in the 18th Century, Saint-Louis was awarded the supreme title of “Saint-Louis Royal Glassworks”.

As a result of its unique know-how, Saint-Louis was the first in France to produce crystal, as officially testified by the Royal Science Academy in 1782. The Royal Glassworks thus became the Royal Crystal Manufacture.

The exclusive Baron Otard Fortis et Fidelis Cognac makes their carafes at Saint-Louis.

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