Results – European finale of the “Sidecar by Merlet” 2012 competition

On November 13th, took place the finale of the European cocktail competition “Sidecar by Merlet 2012” at the heart of Distillerie Merlet village, in Saint Sauvant (17610) – France.

This competition brought face-to-face the 4 European finalists : Mathieu Chapazian (The Monkey Club – Lyon), Sergio Padilla (O’Clock bar – Madrid), Bystrik Uko (Bassoon Bar – Corinthia Hôtel – London) and Maxim Kilian (The Parlour – Francfort).

The 4 competitors confronted one another around the creation of a revisited Sidecar and a free-creation cocktail based on a Merlet fruits liqueurs:

Mathieu Chapazian was rewarded for its two cocktails : “Saveurs d’Autrefois” (Tastes of the olden days) and “Lapin Rouge” (Red Rabbit). He won a trip to “Tales of the Cocktail” 2013 in New-Orleans.

The Jury was composed of Bernhard Schäfer (Journalist at Drinks, Germany), Carina Soto Velasquez (Owner of «La Candelaria», Paris), Tony Conigliaro (Owner of «69 Colebrooke Row», London, UK) and Luc Merlet, Distillerie Merlet & Fils, France.

The winner cocktail’s…

Saveur d’autrefois                      
20 ml Cognac Merlet Brothers Blend 
20 ml Merlet Triple Sec       
2 dashes Lemon juice 

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