Ravenscroft Crystal – Tulip style Cognac Glass

In Cognac the recommended Brandy glass is relatively small, clear and ‘tulip’shaped.

The essential factor is that the mouth of the glass is slightly narrower than the body or bowl, we can observe this same principle in the graduated glass used by Scottish tasters, the graduations are there to allow precise additions of water. This shape allows aromas to rise to the nose in a progressive manner and militates against the use of very large brandy balloons, at least for analytical tasting. One cannot deny the imagery and the pleasure procured by cradling this type of glass in the palm of the hand.


Ravenscroft Crystal combines the qualities of old-world European craftsmanship with a modern understanding of how the shape of a glass can significantly enhance the tasting experience. Ravenscroft cognac glassware designs are the result of 129 years of glass-making experience, available as a tulip cognac glass and a snifter. Their European factory produces hand-made, pure, lead-free crystal for fine wine and spirits.

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