Pierre Ferrand – Cognac and Beyond

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Pierre Ferrand Line of Cognac

Unearthing interesting historical documents, recipes, stories, and spirits is a passion for Alexandre Gabriel, owner and president of Cognac Ferrand. It’s embodied in one of the companies newest products, 1840 Cognac, a higher proof mixing cognac based on a recipe from the 1840′s. Alexandre Gabriel is serious about his spirits and goes to great lengths to research and discover rare and amazing spirits. This passion also extends to a line of aged rums, bought from around the world, and aged in cognac barrels.

Although Pierre Ferrand’s passion expands beyond cognac, it’s cognac that’s the true passion and what makes up the core of Pierre Ferrand’s business. Situated on 250 acres of Grande Champagne grapes, Pierre Ferrand specializes in single estate cognac. Like some of their competitors, Pierre Ferrand has done away with the standard designation for labeling their cognacs, instead opting for their own tiered approach, including Ambre (features cognacs in the 8-10 year old range), Reserve (20 year old age range) , Espirit Des Dieux (25 years in age) and Selection Des Anges (cognac 30-55 years in age).


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