Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Limited Edition Cognac

For all those connoisseurs looking for the special lot of cognac in the market, Martell has once again introduced something truly special. After completing 100 years of world class Cognac making, Martell has launched the Cordon Bleu Centenary limited edition, in 2 different options of packing. After creating special editions like the Dragon Rouge a few years ago, the brand has once again launched the limited edition cognac, with much of signature fine notes which are synonymous with the best that it has produced from the past.

The Martell name dates back to 1912, when Edouard Martell created his own set of distilleries to produce some of the finest cognacs in the world, the specialty being Borderies eaux-de-vie. For those new to this arena, this speaks of the immensely regarded notes of floral and fruity blends, along with undertones of plum and orange. In this case, the cognac with have the added spicy tongue of cinnamon, which is known to add its own signatures to this revered blend of the Cordon Bleu. Looks like master distiller Benoit Fil has indeed taken good care. The packaging too, bares a similar order of exclusivity (pictured above). Housed in a blue lacquered wooden casing with velvet lining, the blue translucent bottle sits in its particular slot, along with the transparent bottle of the accompaniment on the side. On the main casing’s exterior and even the bottle neck, there is the special infinity sign which evolves as the number ‘100’, signifying the special edition of the cognac. The casing is also known to have sterling silver trimmings on the outside, and a special magnetite opening system making it just as easy to display. The pricing for it fixed at $3,828 each.

The second packaging is however different in some ways. Though the artwork and color tones have been kept the same, the casing isn’t as elaborate but very elegant indeed. The bottle in this case, is a transparent one where the XO (Extra old) cognac has been packaged, with a silver colored crown with a signature near the neck. The pricing for this edition, which we found to be the standard version, is fixed at $1,338 for each bottle. However, do check out the launch of the Cordon Bleu 100 year’s limited edition below. As for collectors, do try and go to the nearest Asian duty-free shop where you would find one of these lying around.

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