Maison Surrenne Cognac

“…our older rareties, such as: tonneau 1 (a blend of dozens of hundred-year-old petite champagne distillates aged together for 79 years), or the 1946 unblended grande champagne (produced more than a half-century ago on a wood-fired still from grapes from the distiller’s family vineyard). Both of these cognacs were held for use in tiny quantities to improve expensive blends; bottled as individuals, they are simply astonishing, possibly the finest cognacs, certainly the most interesting, you have ever experienced…”

The Maison Surrenne bottlings were selected by the founders of Germain-Robin from the extensive holdings of Cognac’s largest remaining family-owned producer.  Surrenne has specialized in volume sales: they distill and age cognacs sold in barrels to other producers for blending purpose. Surrenne operates four distilleries, including the ancient installation at Chateau Triac. The home distillery and cellar is on the Quai de l’Ile Madame on the banks of the Charente river in Jarnac. Surrenne’s eight major cellars hold extensive stocks of beautifully-made distillates that are maintained pure and unblended.

In its eight cellars, Maison Surrenne holds a remarkable collection of aging cognacs, notable for their very high quality. We selected superb distillates that typify regional variation, emphasizing their individuality by demarcating vintage, distillery, and even individual cask. Many of these bottlings are unblended; the very old rareties are unfiltered.

Look at our lowest-priced bottling. The Ancienne Distillerie comes from petite champagne wines distilled at the home distillery in Jarnac during the 1991 vintage. At $32, the cognac is a bargain: not only is it 100% petite champagne, it is vintage denominated (the 1991 lot number) and comes from a single distillery. How good is it? This cognac won a double gold medal, the best VSOP cognac in the San Francisco Spirits competition. On its label is information about when it was made, where it was aged, and the age at bottling. There is also regional information that tells you, the buyer, how this bottling tastes, and why. Check out this and other single-district cognacs bottlings.

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