A man of power and taste, James Hennessy had a strong infl uence on French social and political life in the early twentieth century.
Head of the family cognac firm of Hennessy, James Hennessy was a prominent political
figure of his day, serving in the French parliament as a congressman and senator.

A successful race horse owner with an exacting taste for the very best in cognac and the arts, he mixed with members of the intelligentsia and social elites. At the fashionable seaside resort of Dinard, he socialized with leading politicians, intellectuals and artists such as Winston Churchill, Lawrence of Arabia, Pablo Picasso or Claude Debussy.

To fulfil his passion for Art Deco, the art movement championed by the period’s elite, James Hennessy commissioned the renowned architect Marcel Oudin to design a striking Art Deco bottling facility for Hennessy.

An individual of wealth and authority, James Hennessy was equally a generous man who enjoyed inviting members of the intelligentsia to his home in Cognac where he would initiate them in the very finest cognacs.
In 1920, James Hennessy had a “very private” cognac specially blended to honour his friends among the elites of the day. He requested the Hennessy Master Blender Alfred Fillioux to create a cognac that would be both structured and elegant, to refl ect the values of Art Deco.
A century later, Hennessy has revived this tradition. Alfred Fillioux’s descendant, Yann Fillioux, has composed Hennessy Privé, a fi ne tribute to James Hennessy and an enduring cognac for the elite of the twenty-first century.

To create Hennessy Privé, the Master Blender has selected remarkable old “eaux-de-vie” which he has aged in young oak casks, to reinforce their strength.
The result is an emblematic cognac of great distinction for true connoisseurs.

A masterpiece of balance: round and refi ned, structured and velvety with delicate notes of crystallized fruit.
To appreciate its full richness Hennessy Privé should be drunk neat.
With its elegant decanter, presented in an Art Deco crocodile leather style gift box,
Hennessy Privé is an elite cognac for the most discerning palates.

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