How to drink and enjoy Cognac?

The only good way: the pleasure way

Cognac is traditionally associated with luxury, gentleman-farmer style, bourgeois chic, fire corner XO tasting among happy few. That’s how it is promoted by big brands for years but it’s far from being the only one. Snobbery aside, the best way is the way you get the pleasure. There are thousands of ways to appreciate an old Cognac, a spirit without equal.

“Fine à l’eau”

The most popular way to drink Cognac used to be the “Fine à l’eau” until World War II. Take a measure of VS-Cognac, pour in 3 measures of pure water and that’s it : contrary to a popular belief, water gives you the chance to appreciate aromas during the first ten minutes.

One can of course change the taste of the drink by replacing water with fruit juice, soda etc. Quality of the drink depends ont the quality of products used.

At Daily Cognac, we like to promote new ways to drink Cognac. On this web site we will regularly deliver new receipt, from the most traditional to unusual and surprising way to appreciate a Grande Fine Champagne Cognac.

Cognac and Roquefort

Take a big piece of high quality Roquefort, place the cheese in a plate and pour a Pierre de Segonzac Reserve on it. Let the cheese absorb the Cognac all night long. Taste it on large slices of bread. A delight !

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