Hennessy Limited Edition for Olympic Games in 2014?

The “Hennessey” house may produce a limited edition of their reference cognac in honor of the Olympic Games in 2014. This idea was suggested by journalists on Thursday to a descendant of the founder of the brand Maurice Richard Hennessy at a meeting in Sochi.

“It’s a good idea, deserving reflection,” – he responded, making note of his family’s longstanding ties with Russia.

The Frenchman said that in 1818 the widow of Emperor Paul I requested the House to produce a cognac for her son Alexander I, on his birthday. Since then, the “Hennessey” dynasty received regular orders from the Romanov family until 1917.


Source: Voice of Russia

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2 Responses to Hennessy Limited Edition for Olympic Games in 2014?

  1. Campbell says:

    I’m confused. So this is supposed to come out for 2014, so there is one Henny limited edition for the Olympics 2012 in London (that Hennessy Olymp bottle) and also one for 2014? Or is Olymp the one which will also be used for 2014?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Campbell,

    The Henny 2012 bottle is said to be a 1 april joke… The 2014 is nothing but a rumor so far… Personally I am looking forward very much to such limited edition…

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