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Hennessy Cognac – the world’s finest cognac made exclusively from grapes grown in a small delimited area of France. The region’s assets – the climate, the light, the soil and the sub-soil, and the vines combine perfectly for the creation of the finest cognac. Nowhere else in the world are these elements found in such ideal harmony. Hennessy owns more than 40 warehouses, capable of holding some 250,000 barrels. Only at Hennessy is every one of the 2,500 different eaux-de-vie systematically tasted every year to ensure its quality. Only at Hennessy has the same family of Cellar Masters maintained the house’s style of cognac and its consistent high quality. Their creations are renowned for being full bodied and rich in fruit flavours with subtle hints of wood.

The full and unequalled range of aromas of Richard Hennessy cognac unveils to the connoisseur the perfect balance of rich, complex aromas of vanilla, black current and delicately scented flowers. The subtle notes of dried fruit, oak wood, spices and the renowned “rancio” – the characteristic quality of very old cognacs – gradually yield the silky texture and culminate in an astonishingly long finish.
A true masterpiece, Richard Hennessy Cognac is presented in an engraved decanter, fashioned by the hand of master crystal craftsmen at Baccarat, one of the most prestigious crystalworks in the world, founded in 1764.

This elegant, understated decanter is the fruit of their unique knowledge and skill and expresses the purity, depth and intensity of this outstanding cognac.

Since 1800, Eight generations of the Hennessy family have retained seven generations of the Fillioux family as their master blenders. Today, Gilles Hennessy and Yann illioux have revived a Private Hennessy family blend. Originally created in 1873 by Emile Fillioux for the personal use of Maurice Hennessy. They have recreated a distinguished cognac worthy of both their signatures.

In 1774, Richard Hennessy established the Founder’s Cellar to house bis rarest eaur-de-vie.
Since then, eight generations of Hennessy have built up what is today the world’s largest reserves of aged eaur-de-vie.
The fine, elegant aroma of Paradis Extra is burst of subtle peppery, spicy notes carrying heady floral scents. A perfect harmony on the palate, Paradis Extra is mellow and round.

Its character, finesse and delicate “rancio” flavour give it wonderful balance.


The fruit of a successful marring of many hundreds of eaux-de-vie brought to their apogee by successive generations of the same Cellar Masters.
It is subtly peppered and spicy where the scents of heady. alluring flowers are expressed and characterized by finesse and elegance. From a perfect
harmony in the mouth. Paradis unveils mellowness and roundness and a great persistence.
Its strength and finesse as well as a delicate richness, confer on it a wonderful balance.


Composed of several hundred eaux-de-vie originating from the region’s four premiers crus which dates back to the turn of century. The bouquet is well structured and generous, releasing notes of spices, oak, ripe fruit, old leather and delicately scented flowers. It is well balanced on the palate, unveiling strong, predominating peppery and “rancio” flavours testifying to long process. X.O would not be X.O without the famous bottle decorated with vine shoots designed in 1947 by a descendant of Richard Hennessy. Hennessy X.O remains the original, the authentic, the recognised symbol of a great, traditional cognac.

A composition of more than sixty different eaux-de-vie from the four crus of the cognac region essential to acquire their complementary qualities to make a fuller, more complete well-balanced cognac. It owes its delicacy and subtlety in both taste and colour to long ageing in barrels that have given up some of their tannins and are therefore less fiery and some of their tannins and are therefore less fiery and more mellow. It is delicate, slightly peppery, has faint traces of oakwood with light aromas of cloves and cinnamon and is characterised by flavours of honey and a faint flavour of liquorice.

Since 1765, Hennessy cognac has been discovering new horizons. Today, the founder’s descendants perpetuate the spirit of discovery that has made Hennessy the best loved cognac among connaisseurs the world over.

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Top markets: United States, Ireland, Japan, China, Taiwan

Launch: 1765

Distributed by Diageo on behalf of Moët Hennessy. Hennessy: the world leader in cognac.

Variants: Pure White, Hennessy VS, Hennessy VSOP, Hennessy Classique, Hennessy VSOP Fine Champagne, Hennessy Fine de Cognac, Hennessy XO, Hennessy XO Grande Champagne, Hennessy Paradis Extra, Hennessy Private Reserve, Richard Hennessy, Timeless

Fact: Hennessy was the first ever to make an XO – eXtra Old cognac. It was originally only thought worthy for the fine guests of the family.

Visit: www.hennessy.com

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