Determine the value of your Cognac!

How to determine the value of a Cognac? In the article below we will tell you how!

Also you could submit your bottle at the Submit your Cognac Bottle section on Cognac Fans, and we will publish the bottle-information on Daily Cognac or on Cognac Fans.

  1. Contact The Company : If you have a bottle of cognac that has been sitting for quite a while and would like to find the value of it, the first thing to do would be to contact the company that markets that particular brand. Most cognac brands have a presence online and their contact information can be found easily. This is the first step if you are trying to find what the bottle of cognac is worth. If for any reason you can’t find the company information, we are here to help. Send us as much information on the bottle you have and we will do the research for you.
  2. Bottled Cognac Doesn’t Age : Most people save a bottle of cognac for years thinking that it will be worth more which unfortunately isn’t true. A cognac aged for 4 years and bottled still is a cognac that is aged for 4 years whether it is from 2005 or 1980. Aging which is also known as “liberation of tannins” is an interaction between spirit and alcohol. Once the cognac is bottled, it no longer ages. The key is to find how long the cognac has been aged in the barrel and not the bottle. You should be able to find this information on the label that comes with each and every bottle of cognac.
  3. Carefully Read The Label : The label on a cognac bottle is like a window showing the details of that particular cognac. If you are unable to read the cognac label due to language barrier you can use google translator to translate into english or any other language you are comfortable reading. Reading cognac label requires some knowledge. Here is a guide to reading cognac label for you to better understand how to read cognac label to determine the value of cognac.
  4. Look at The Color : Although it might be hard to tell the color of cognac while it’s still in the bottle, you can get a fair estimate of how old the cognac is and hopefully gain some idea on what the value is. Lighter colors usually symbolize cognac that isn’t aged for too long where as stronger colors such as amber, gold and red suggests that the cognac has been aged longer. The key here is to determine the color of the cognac to find it’s age, as the value of cognac usually depends on how long it has been aged. Once again, remember cognac doesn’t age in the bottle.
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