Deau XO Cognac

Has anyone else tried this? It is very reasonably priced.

Deau Cognac claims to trace its lineage back to 1655 and the birth of Louis Deau. The family has been in the wine producing business in the Cognac region of France for centuries. The estate is owned today by Bru-Legaret who produce Deau Cognac exclusively. It operates 12 traditional pot stills and inventory of over 2,000 barrels of aging eau-de-vie in 6 cellars near the Charentes River. Their symbol is the griffin (half eagle, half lion), which is said to guard vineyards.

Deau XO (“extra old”) cognac is one of their older expressions, designed to be “smooth, harmonious, and rich.”

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Category: Cognac Brandy
Producer: Moisans Bru-Legaret / Deau Cognac
Parent Company: Independent
Location: France
Price (USD): $75 *Price listed is reported by rating institutions and may not reflect sale price
Price (EUR): €57
Proof: 80.0

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