Courvoisier Launches Super-Premium Napoleon-Themed Cognac

Courvoisier has introduced a new super-premium cognac, named ‘Succession JS’, which is being sold at a retail price of £3,500.

The spirits giant said the cognac is a blend of the most refined cognacs from one of the finest Grande Champagne cru suppliers, which were offered exclusively to the Courvoisier house specifically for this particular blend. It added that the cognac has rich aromas of sherry wine, some wood, leaf of Havana cigar, crème brulee, freshly roasted coffee, liquorice and hot honey.

Succession JS has been launched to commemorate the bicentenary of the crowning of Napoleon as Emperor of France. Only 2,500 bottles have been commissioned, with each being housed in a handcrafted wooden replica of Napoleon’s War Chest.

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