Cohiba Cigar Cognac

Dark, heavy, very rich, very complex – this is simply a world-class Cognac commissioned to accompany a world-class cigar. Definitely one for the bon viveurs.

The blend of the new Cognac is made from exceptional eaux-de-vie which are aged between 40 and 50 years in oak casks. 50 years is half a century and you can very well imagine that during this period it takes on the wood’s rich notes as well as an amber hue. In the end it finishes with 43% alcohol volume and that is what makes it perfect for consuming with cigars. That alcohol volume is considered ideal when consumed with a cigar.

The taste of the cognac is rounded, smooth and almost sweet. In the end it offers a touch of liquorice and a slightly nutty note. A bottle of the Cohiba Cognac has been priced at Hong Kong $5,000 and will become available for sale very soon from January. The bottle itself shows the connection of the cognac to Cuba and its cigars. The bottle of the cognac depicts a typical Cuban tobacco field.

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  1. Hugo F. Melo says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the Barrister Cigar

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