Cognac Timeline : 3rd Century To 21st Century Captured

Cognac has been around forever, well it seems like it. Most of the time when we talk about Cognac we tend to start out from the 17th century because that was when the “twice distillation process” was started. However, it is important to note that the birth of cognac relates way back before that, dating almost back to the 3rd century.

The other day while we were looking for some background and history on cognac, we found quite a few things but nothing that was easier to download or give us a quick glimpse of the history of cognac. We took the matter in our hands and created a timeline.

Please click on the image above to see what the timeline looks like and if it something you would like to download and save it onto your harddrive (may be use it as a wallpaper) go ahead and click on the link that is below the image.

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