Cognac Tesseron The People

ALFRED TESSERON is the third generation of Tesseron men with deep roots in the truest tradition of cognac and wine. From his father, Guy Tesseron, he inherited the gift of creating cognacs of great style and elegance. Raised in France, Alfred Tesseron, worked in America for a leading US distributor before joining, and then making, Pontet-Canet one of the most successful Grand Crus in Paulliac, Medoc.


HENRI COLCOMBET has been building luxury brands in a highly competitive environment for the past 15 years. Together with Alfred and Gérard Tesseron, Henri Colcombet created the Cognac Tesseron Limited Partnership in 2002, thus founding this authentic cognac brand. His passion for the finest products and his innate sense of premium marketing are key elements which position Cognac Tesseron at the high-end of the cognac market.


MELANIE TESSERON is the fourth generation of the Cognac Tesseron tradition and joined the family business three years ago, having acquired experience in brand marketing in London. Since then, she travels worldwide, representing her family brand, Cognac Tesseron. She brings feminine flair to the Cognac world, an eye for detail and communication skills which greatly enhance the promotion of out precious Cognac Tesseron.


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