Cognac and Hip-Hop

African Americans comprise anywhere between 60%-80% of the total American Cognac Market. In 2007-2008 America imported 51.7 million bottles so even if 60% of that was consumed by African Americans thats a whopping 31.2 million bottles of cognac. Since the American cognac market is dominated by African Americans we thought we would talk a little a brief history of cognac and hip-hop.

One of the reason cognac has become a popular drink among African Americans is due to celebrity influence. Busta Rhyme’s “Pass The Courvoisier” might as well be called the turning point of cognac market in America. Cognac, also known as “yak” by the African American cognac crowd has certainly become one of the favorite drinks. Following Busta Rhymes song cognac has then been a major attraction among hip hop stars and their fans.

Hip-hop is often regarded as the savior of cognac. In the late 90s the town of Cognac in France was almost in ruin due to economic crisis and plummeting liquor consumption in its then no.1 market, Asia. Today U.S. is the no.1 market for cognac consumption and hip-hop has quite a big hand in it. The hip-hop Mogul Jay Z says “Cognac is a classy, sophisticated and really smooth thing to drink,” whose favorite brand is Remy Martin.

Although most cognac drinkers like to think that cognac has been embraced by African America crowd after its inclusion in hip-hop songs, that is not entirely true. Cognac has been favored by affluent African Americans since the 70s but popular rap celebrities talking about it certainly gave it a boost that was much needed. One of the reason more people have opened up to cognac is because it has now been an ok thing to mix cognac with other drinks. Although we personally prefer cognac straight in a snifter we are all up for mixed cognac drinks. Everyone has their own taste and however they want to enjoy a sip of cognac is up to them.

One of the most talked about cognac brands in hip-hop songs in Hennessy which is also known as “Henny,” “Henn-dog,” etc. among many other names.

Its your turn to share history of cognac and hip-hop with us. Feel free to drop links to articles or videos that you might know of in the comments section.

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