China Distribution’s Insights on the Market for Cognac

China Distribution is one of the premier alcohol and beverage distribution companies in Asia. CDL staff has more than 25 years of experience handling spirits, including cognac in China.

Within the last several years, a rapid shift towards dark liquors – and their subsequent growth in sales – has sparked international interest in Cognac in China.

The consumption of Cognac in China has been increasing rapidly over the past 4 years, prompting industry experts to predict demand to out-pace supply within the next 5-10 years. In fact, cognac has even become a popular gift for Chinese New Year, according to Claude Canellas of Reuters.

The number of bottles sold rose by 6.4 percent globally, with China leading the way, posting growth of over 20% in 2011. Furthermore, the Far East accounted for more than one-third of all demand in the category and was the world’s largest markets.

Consumers have accepted the taste profiles for both the higher end, XO, and the more widely available VSOP. Both subcategories of Cognac continue to show strong positive growth in China, especially in the South.

Cognac is primarily enjoyed in the Southern Regions of China, where it Chinese people have become increasingly aware of brand and quality.

China Distribution Ltd. represents some of the best cognac in China. Several years ago, Majeste Cognac was virtually unknown in Asia. It is now served at the best 5 star hotels, the hottest nightclubs, and trendiest bars in China and Hong Kong.

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