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New awards for MERLET at BTI: Beverage Testing Institute

The Beverage Testing Institute (BTI)-USA has awarded Merlet of two new medals and outstanding marks, for its liqueurs range, Merlet C2. Merlet C2 Cognac & Cassis (blackcurrant) was awarded of a Platinium medal with 98/100 points. Merlet C2 Cognac & … Continue reading

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Merlet Triple Sec renamed “Trois Citrus”

Merlet Triple Sec renamed itself to: Merlet “Trois Citrus”. The recipe and the bottle remains the same, only the name and label change. This change results of a reflection to differentiate this product, from regular “Triple Sec” of ordinary quality. Furthermore this will underline the … Continue reading

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Hand painted Cognac Bottle Porcelain Figures

Never imagined that such thinks are being made… But if you like the hand painted porcelain bottle figures below you can buy it for 36€ at

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Remy Martin XO Excellence Exclusive Edition

Rémy Martin presents an exclusive edition of it’s XO. This limited edition cognac encased in a carafe that is almost as beautiful as its content. Almost. The deep amber tones of this Rémy Martin XO Excellence Cognac betray a bit … Continue reading

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Courvoisier Gold

Courvoisier Gold is a Cognac mixed with 70% Moscato wine from South France. See it as some sort of Pineau des Charentes fortified wine at 18% or 36 proof. Courvoisier® Launches Courvoisier Gold New Offering Blends Premium French Moscato Wine … Continue reading

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Hennessy VS Flask Sleeve 2012

Some photo’s of the 2012 limited edition Flask Sleeves for the Hennessy VS 200ml flask. Compared to last years Flask sleeves these are made of plastic instead of silicones.. Like them very much.

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Hennessy V.S.O.P Cognac new bottle Design (2012)

Hennessy V.S.O.P. Bottle Design – Key Changes This spring some small changes where made on Hennessy’s best selling VSOP. Read here all information about this change.   Slightly accentuated the curve in the side of the bottle, reinforcing the dynamic … Continue reading

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Couvoisier Cocktail Institute

Most Londoners don’t have oak-panelled studies where they can retire to enjoy a glass of cognac, but this week we can all pretend we do with the help of Courvoisier’s two-day cocktail showcase and ‘experience’ at The Heritage Rooms in … Continue reading

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Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Limited Edition Cognac

For all those connoisseurs looking for the special lot of cognac in the market, Martell has once again introduced something truly special. After completing 100 years of world class Cognac making, Martell has launched the Cordon Bleu Centenary limited edition, … Continue reading

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Merlet Brothers Blend Cognac and C2 now available in USA

We are proud to announce the release of our Cognac Merlet Brothers Blend and our liquors C2 Cognac & Cassis (Blackcurrant), C2 Cognac & Citron (Lemon) in USA. This great news will delight the aficionados of Merlet products accross the … Continue reading

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