Bisquit Cognac – history and the range

On 1 April 2009, Distell made its first Major investment into a global brand when it purchased the trademark and inventories of Bisquit. Bisquit is a jewel – a highly regarded cognac brand with a rich history.

The story began…in 1819. The House of Bisquit Cognacs was founded in the heart of France, from the spirit of one man: Alexandre Bisquit. Confident in the superior quality of his Cognacs and a passionate entrepreneur, he took Bisquit Cognacs to all corners of the globe, making them a reference from Asia to Africa and through America to Europe.

While travelling again and again, he understood how important it is, beyond one’s business, to take more time to savour life and to cultivate privileged moments as time is what you make it. A life philosophy that Alexandre Bisquit decided to implement for the elaboration of his Cognacs through a unique and authentic savoir-faire* passed down from one generation of Maitre de Chai** to another – a longer distillation time.

Ageing in hand made oak casks in our dark cellars will magnify the specificity of our longer distillation, creating the distinctive signature of the House.

Nearly two centuries later, our Maître de Chai* still masters time with an inspired skill to bring you an exceptional tasting experience. Thanks to a longer distillation time, mastered to the nearest second, and magnified through a long ageing in oak barrels, Bisquit Cognacs express a more abundant bouquet of aromas and a smoother, suppler taste.

Beautifully balanced, Bisquit VS Classique offers a core of fresh fruits aromas (pear and plum) and floral aromas over deeper notes of rich spice (cinnamon, oak wood and vanilla).

Appreciated for the subtle interplay of aromas ranging from a core of ripe fruits (dry apricot, honey) and sweet spices (cinnamon, clove) underlined with floral nuances (rose), Bisquit VSOP is smooth and mellow on the palate, with an long lasting finish.

Bisquit Prestige is the 21st century expression of Bisquit French luxurious origin. It is the perfect balance between tradition & modernity, smoothness & character. With its stunning balance of flavors, Prestige expresses itself around a core of dried & candied fruit (apricot & prune) and soft spices (cinnamon, vanilla & liquorice). It is extremely smooth and round with harmonious notes of nutmeg and coffee with hints of oak.

Incredibly rich, full-bodied and stunningly smooth, Bisquit XO invites you to discover a core of wood and smoky notes of tobacco and cocoa, and fruity notes of candied fruit and prune. The palate is enriched with aromatic notes of plum, mocha, cedar wood and liquorice. Experience this silky, sumptuous XO with a wonderfully lingering finish.

* Expertise-know how
** Cellar Master

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