Best Rated Cognacs on Cognac Wiki (march 2012)

From now on we will publish a list of the highest rated Cognacs on Cognac Wiki monthly.

This month’s winner is the De Luze XO! Congrats to them!

1 De Luze XO
3 De Luze Alfred
4 La Fontaine de la Pouyade
5 Camus 1940 Vintage Bons Bois Cognac
6 Distillerie du Peyrat – Brand Information
7 Sylvelune – Cuvée Charmee
8 Rémy Martin Louis XIII
9 De Luze Extra Delight
10 De Luze Extra Single Barrel
11 Delamain – Brand Information
12 Pierre Ferrand Reserve des Dieux
13 De Luze VSOP
14 Meukow Nec Plus Ultra
15 A. de Fussigny – Brand Information
16 Otard VSOP
17 Frapin – Brand Information
18 Making of Cognac
19 ABK6 VSOP Grand Cru
20 A. de Fussigny Collection – Fins Bois


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