Armagnac drinking

20130106-083638.jpg If you enjoy earthy, rich foods like duck, pork, and stinky cheese, save this for the next time you’re booze-shopping. The French make a rustic version of cognac called Armagnac that’s still fairly cheap because it hasn’t hit the big-time—say, $40 for a good one and $84 or $114 for the fancy stuff. Armagnac is to cognac what rye is to bourbon: similar but darker and feistier, with a leaner texture. It’s rougher than cognac when it’s young and earthier when it’s old, “with just a hint of barnyard funk,” reports Esquire.

Armagnac’s sales may lag behind cognac’s—only 6 million bottles worldwide to 177 million—but Esquire compares this moment to the point in the 1980s when single-malt Scotch was about to compete with easy-to-drink blended versions. And because Armagnac is made by small, family-owned firms in Gascony, there are no huge marketing budgets to inflate prices. Esquire’s advice: Try the “warm and fruity” Marie Duffau Napoleon ($40), “bright and juicy” Chateau du Tariquet XO ($84), or “lean and leathery” Chateau du Busca Hors d’Age ($114).

Source: Newser

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  1. Hans Stok says:

    Nice !
    Please, keep me informed !

  2. Bob says:

    Armagnac is not a “version” of cognac, rustic or otherwise.

  3. Richard Greenlee says:

    Where can I buy it in California?

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