A. de Fussigny Cognac gets recognitions !!!

A. de Fussigny Cognac XO 24 carats won a GOLD MEDAL at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and PLATINUM MEDAL at the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago!!!

Professionals and consumers all over the world definitely agree on the superior quality of A. de Fussigny Cognacs.

In less than 2 years, over 20 medals and awards from the most prestigious competitions have been granted to A. de Fussigny, either for the outstanding quality of the cognacs or for the striking beauty of the packaging.

Competitions include:
– San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition, USA
– Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Belgium
– Beverage Testing Institute, USA
– SIP Awards, USA
– World Beverage Competition, USA
– International Wine & Spirits Competition, UK
– Grand Collections Awards, Russia
– Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb, Germany

About A. de Fussigny Cognacs:
Founded in 1814 by an Italian merchant named Alfonso de Fussini, A. de Fussigny has always embodied the concepts of innovation, dynamism, and modern luxury.


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One Response to A. de Fussigny Cognac gets recognitions !!!

  1. Dou Xiuhui says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Dou Xiuhui.

    I came across your website today and saw that some of our company’s information is inadequate. Our house / brand does not have any relation to any Italian merchant or whatsoever.

    Can you please change that part of your content with the following introduction:

    A. de Fussigny Cognacs are beautifully elaborated in the House’s own distillery established in 1814 in the historical center of Cognac, France. It is the last operational cognac house located both in the heart of Cognac and on the Charente’s riverside.
    Since its creation, A de Fussigny has been driven by a single quest: Ally outstanding product quality, with authentic French tradition and innovation. This combination is fully expressed through the company’s miscellaneous ranges and expressions.

    Please do feel free to contact me if you have any question.

    Thank you very much in advance and have a great day.

    All the best,

    Xiuhui Dou
    A.de Fussigny Cognac
    Cell : +33(0)5 45 36 61 36

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