6 Drinks That Are Just a Bit Too Weird

At DailyCognac.com, we like to dwell on the finer things in life, especially that rare drink that keeps us coming back for more. But we thought we’d take one moment to venture beyond those finer things into the world of the truly exotic. What we found is an assortment of alcoholic beverages you have to see to believe.

The drink below are some that are easily some of the weirdest ones that are out there. If you have tried any of these, do share with us what you thought of them. We have yet to try them and to be honest we doubt we will, however, we would love to know if you have.

Cobra Scorpion Whiskey

There’s something about putting oneself in close proximity to lethally poisonous creatures that really gets the adrenaline flowing. A shot of whiskey is bold enough on its own, but infuse it with the toxins from snake venom and a scorpion stinger, and you’re well on your way to starring in the sequel to The Hangover. The drink is fabled to be a strong aphrodisiac with many curative applications—or it might just be a really expensive pair of beer goggles.

Baby Mouse Wine

The name isn’t a euphemism for cute and cuddly. It’s wine made from newborn mice (drowned and bottled in rice wine before the fur grows in). Like many exotic drinks, this concoction is believed to cure a lot of ills, foremost among them a stuffed-up nose—after a year of fermentation, the wine is pretty pungent. The taste has been compared to gasoline, and the look of it is probably the grossest thing about it—which really is saying something.

Tiger Bone Wine

Not that you’re running to find a bottle of any of these delicacies, but this is one you especially want to scratch of your “Go Out and Buy” list. As rare and sought after as tiger parts can be on the Chinese black market, the animals themselves are even more endangered. The wine is infused with a fine powder of crushed tiger bone, and the bottle pictured here is actually enclosed in a tiger-shaped cask. The potency of the drink is mythical, but the cost can’t be measured by the sticker price alone.

Bear Penis Wine

Does this one really require an explanation? It’s supposed to boost fertility in men. It has a decidedly different effect on the bear.


Kumis is one of the oldest known alcoholic beverages known to man, but the main product comes from a horse. Fermented mare’s milk grew to popularity in ancient Mongolia where, ironically, almost 90% of the population is lactose intolerant. Fortunately for them, the lactose is broken down during fermentation. The drink has pretty mild alcoholic content, but its drinkers believe it to possess (you guessed it) curative powers, especially chronic diseases such as tuberculosis. Not surprisingly, it tastes a bit like sour milk. Feel free to take our word for it.

Bakon Vodka

A lot of people like vodka. A whole lot of people love bacon. But it takes a special connoisseur of both to appreciate bacon-flavored vodka. A meat and potatoes combination doesn’t seem all that bizarre. The potato vodka and bacon flavoring have the potential to be a hit, and bacon-based drinks have developed something of a cult following. If you’re a fan of drinks that venture into the savory end of the taste spectrum, you might want to give it a try.

As for us at DailyCognac.com, these drinks are fun to talk about and laugh about . . . while we’re enjoying the drink we really love….

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